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Anonymous (Kaito Kid x Reader x Jimmy Kudo/ Conan)
A/N: Hello~!
Thank you for deciding to read this. I hope you will like it and I will be updating as soon as I can (but I have other fan-fictions *and a life* I have to keep up with as well *I apologize*). First reader inert fan-fiction like this *motions to story below*... so please be nice on me... please~?
I would love if you click that heart button, and like even more if you comment~! Or both... *dies from happiness at the thought*
...please ignore me, your story is waiting~
You had created your own profession. You were a thief.
Now, now, didn't you mother ever tell you not to 'judge a book by it's cover' or that 'first impressions are only skin deep', do you remember that? Well, you should...
It might have been helpful...
On another note you were indeed a thief, BUT, you were not a petty thief.
Makes no sense, I know... now here me out.
You were a 'legal' thief. During your profession you have been called many things...
"Shadow Sleuth"
"Demon Detective"
And so on.
:icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 17 3
Anonymous (Kaito Kid xReaderx Jimmy Kudo/Conan) 15
Anonymous: *waves* Hiya welcome back to the omake!!!
Taijiya: *growls* It's a cafe!
Anonymous: Okay! (0.O)
Harley: You know what, your having to many of these lately Taijiya.
Taijiya: S-shut up Har-Har!!!
Halrey: Har-har!?!?! (0-0)
Taijiya: Hehehe, sorry for the long wait but you know~
Jimmy: Oh joy... here come the excuses...
Taijiya: Ku-ku, silence before I make something horrible happen to you in the story!!!
Rachel: *covers Jimmy's mouth*
Taijiya: Good~! Now as I was saying, sorry for the wait. School sucks and bla-bla-bla. ANYWAYS! The real reason this is taking so long is because I planned to do the whole amusement park arc as one chapter BUUUUUUUT I'm dragging it out much too long~
McGuire: And why would you do that? *sips his coffee*
Taijiya: Cause it fun to write and amusing for the viewers! Anyways...
Harley: You sure are saying 'anyways' a lot recently aren't you?
Taijiya: *duct tapes Harley's mouth* AnyHOW, I decided instead of making all you lovely readers wait for the who
:icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 2 0
Maybe is Good Enough for Me HikaruxKuudere!Reader
It was another day here at Ouran, where all the rich squealing princesses (or as you prefer to call them, 'annoying bananas') would run around yelling their heads off about the beloved 'Host Club' of theirs. Of course, you too would be one of those bananas, had you not refused to wear that outrages dress. It was hideous, you didn't even understand why they would wear ugly clothes if they were rich, shouldn't rich people wear the beautiful clothes!?
It seemed only the male uniform understood that philosophy, so here you were again, wearing the men's uniform.
Oh, but everyone already knew you were a girl (unlike a certain guy -cough-girl-cough- you were friends with). You just wore the male uniform with a ribbon and seeing as how you were such a good student, no one approached you on the topic.
...Well truthfully no one usually approached you at all.
Well let's get this over with.
(Your name), student of Ouran High School. A+ student and only heir of the very wealthy (Last name) company.
:icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 15 2
It's Just a Lollipop (Xerxes Break x Reader)
It's just a lollipop (Xerxes Break x Reader)
It was another seemingly normal day. The sun was up, the birds where chirping and, well, no one died yet today.
Normal enough.
You had been hanging out with Xerxes along with Oz and the others, or the 'The freak and his group of merry men' as you liked to call them, ever since that incident a few years ago.
Of course you could launch into a whole tragic past story with dramatic details, but why bother to think about such boring things anyways? The past was the past and all that mattered was that now you were friends with this group of people, that's all there is too it~
Sharon was sitting on her couch drinking some tea along with Oz. Alice, on the other hand, was once again having another argument with Gil about Oz before they got off track and started yelling random insults at each other.
"Y-you dumb seaweed head!" Alice growled at Gil, who winced.
"Look who's talking you damn rabbit!" Gil retorte
:icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 35 11
Lilith (OC) by Taijiya-chan Lilith (OC) :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 5 5 Death the Kid (Random Kitty) ~finished~ by Taijiya-chan Death the Kid (Random Kitty) ~finished~ :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 19 6 Death the Kid (Random Kitty) by Taijiya-chan Death the Kid (Random Kitty) :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 9 0 Myfirstmeme By Swiftilysquirrel-d6j5yb1 by Taijiya-chan Myfirstmeme By Swiftilysquirrel-d6j5yb1 :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 4 0 Squirrel dress-up time~! by Taijiya-chan Squirrel dress-up time~! :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0 Awkward Band by Taijiya-chan Awkward Band :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 4 0 If your going to cosplay, do it right by Taijiya-chan If your going to cosplay, do it right :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0 What do you do after a party? Crash of course! by Taijiya-chan What do you do after a party? Crash of course! :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0 Party all night~ by Taijiya-chan Party all night~ :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0 Bishie Blow by Taijiya-chan Bishie Blow :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 5 0 Love interest. Who? Us!?! by Taijiya-chan Love interest. Who? Us!?! :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0 Our favorite things to do~ by Taijiya-chan Our favorite things to do~ :icontaijiya-chan:Taijiya-chan 3 0


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13 OC Meme (Lilith is Everywhere! XD)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 6:44 AM

I stole this from :iconmentalclockwork: MetalClockwork So yeeaaah~


- Pick 13 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 13 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters!----
- Have fun! Pumpkin

PICK YOUR LOVELIES! (Meh... there shall be many Lilith's and they are all mainly used to rp with my one friend~ XD)

1. Gina Tatsu (Soul Eater OC)
2. Lilith (Inuyasha)
3. Lilith (Shugo Chara)
4. Lilith (1/2 Prince)
5. Lilith (Hitman Reborn)
6. Lilith (Legand of Zelda)
8. Alan (Tis a Black Butler Oc I use in my reader insert... kinda)
9. Anonymous (A Case Closed Oc I use in my reader insert... kinda)
10. Lilith (Durarara)
11. Malinda (Black Butler Oc used in my reader insert)
12. A walmart employee (?)
13. Lilith (Full Metal Alchemist)


1. Before you do anything, you found [5]*KHR Lil* and [1]*Gina* in your room in the middle of a staring contest. What was your reaction and do they ask you for candies?

Gina: I will wiiiiiiiin~!!!

KHR Lil: Doubt it~!

Gina: Just you wai-

//: *walks in the room* What the...

Gina: *breaks eye contact* Ooooooh Tai-chan!!! Gimmie candy~!!! (of course Gina would ask for candy, fools!!!)

KHR Lil: Haha~ I win I win~ Tsuna-nii I WON~!!!

//: ...Get out of my room... =^=

Gina: But cand-

*gun shot rings out and Gina is lying on the floor and KHR Lil is holding a gun*

//: You didn't have to kill her... at least not in my room...

KHR Lil: No wories this bullet doesn't kill, ony knock out. I got it from Reborn~!!!

//: Ah... so why did you help me then?

KHR Lil: *sweatdrops* Cause I know not to mess with you when your tired~ hehe~ BYE! *drags Gina out of the room with her*

//: *looks at clock read 3:21 AM* Ughhhh... *plops onto my bed*


2. Phew. You managed to shove them back to their world(s). For some reason, people in [5]*KHR Lil*'s world immediately praising his/her fabulous hair when they see him/her. Why is that? (If [5] doesn't have hair or fur, choose whatever body part you want)

KHR Lil: Ha~ Thank you everyone... Though it's only a dark brown...

Nanna: It's such a beautiful natural hair color~

Tsuna: Plus it's long... I guess?

KHR Lil: Yeah Tsuna-nii... it is cause I grew it out *sweat drop*

Habari: Why would I compliment that herbivores hair?

KHR Lil: Hello, not a vegitarian. Remember that 'Mister Important'~?

Habari: *growls* Silence herbivore.

Reborn: She pulls it into a lose pony tail to keep it from getting in her way, so that's good in a fight.

Tsuna: R-REBORN!!!


3. Meanwhile [1]*Gina* has been hired to be the new mascot of a Halloween supply shop and is standing in the shop all dressed up neatly in a lolita dress (with a matching wig too if you want) when [7]*Neuro* walks in and sees him/her.

Gina: *spinning in circles* CAUSE I'M SO FABULOUS~!!! OH YEAS I'M FABULOUS~!!!

Neuro: *Just stares beofore walking away* No puzzle...

Yako: Well that was weir- ACK!!!

Neuro: *grabbed the back of her head* Ignore it... you humans are puzzling*

Halloween suply store worker 1: *sweatdrops* Should we fire her...?

Worker 2: You try telling that to her!

Worker 3: But it fits her personality... and we are only paying her in candy...

All three: Yeah she can stay.

Gina: Hehe come check out this shop so I get more candy!!! *waves to random people*


4. Ooh [10]*Drrr Lil* was the old mascot of the shop before he/she was fired! What was the reason and any hard feeling?

Drrr Lil: Meeeeh... it was too boring. I have much more... fun... things to do~!!!

Me: *shrugs* I wouldn't want to stand there all day.

Drrr Lil: Pus it was a side job~ (XD)


5. Inspired by [10]*Drrr Lil*'s situation, [7]*Neuro* is writing a depressed poem and [4]*1/2 Prince Lil* have been chosen to be the lucky first reader. How does it go?

Neuro: *stepping on Yako* Hurry up and write a depressing poem about some random person's story I looked up... I sensed the slightest trace of a puzzle... or maybe it was nothing... *steps harder with a closed eyed smile* Either way work faster~!

Yako: Okay OKAAAAAAY I'm writing!!!!! *writes while sobbing*

*Latter on*

Neuro: Here please read this and tell me what you think~ *closed eyed friendly smile.

1/2 Lil: Hmmm *snatches paper* suuuuure~ *reads it over and looks up at him* This poem...

Neuro: Uh huh~?

1/2 Lil: *closed eyed smile* It SUCKS.

Neuro: Oh... I see... Yaaaakkkkkkoooooo~


1/2 Lil: *shrugs, tosses papper and walks away*


6. Enlightened up by the masterpiece, [4]*1/2 Lil* calls [11]*Malinda* and [8]*Alan* for a drink to talk about life and sophisticated matters. Where would they go?

*At the Ravenwood Manor*

1/2 Lil: I must say it was by far one of the most pathetic poems I have ever read...

Alan: Sounds awfully dull, rather boring too I expect?

1/2 Lil: Indeed. Malinda may I have another cup of tea?

Malinda: *curtsies* But of course. *pours more tea*

Alan: I would like some more too Malinda~

Malinda: Of course Sire. *pours more tea*


7. While drinking, [4]*1/2 Lil*, [11]*Malinda* and [8]*Alan* see [3]*SC Lil* and [9]*Anonymous* walking in, wearing each other's clothing (if your chars don't wear clothes, they are in each other's color scheme/markings). What are their reactions?

SC Lil: Ugh... this outfit is much too large...

Anonymous: *sweat drops* Well I AM older than you... this outfit is too tight!

SC: Because I'm younger and smaller... *nearly trips on long scarf* What is with this outfit!?!

Anonymous: *attempts to shrug but the outfits too tight* Ughhh wait... *drags SC Lil off*

*Both come in wearing the other's outfit in their size*

Anonymous: Better. And it's because I like it~

SC Lil: This would be against the dress code...

Anonymous: Luckily we are not at school.

SC Lil: ...I suppose...

1/2 Lil: Whaaaaaaat~?

Alan: Ahahahaha that's so funny~

Malinda: *looks At SC Lil* Lilith, is that your little sister?

1/2 Lil: Hmmmm... I don't remember having a little sister...

SC Lil: Neither do I.


8. The real reason is [3]*Kae* and [9]*June*'s souls or whatever was switched. It's mean [3]*Kae* is in [9]*June*'s body and the opposite. And killing [8]*Ranni* is the only way to switch their bodies back...

Everyone: *Looks towards Alan*

Alan: Malinda, I order you to gaurd me from death should they attempt anything.

Malinda: Could you not do it yourself, Sire.

Alan: Indeed... but I do not feel like it.


SC Lil: As much as I would love to change back, killing is quite a rediculious thing to attempt. Not to mention is DEFINIATTLY against school policy and the law.

Anonymous: *face palms*


9. Just joking. Their body switching effect will wear off after 24 hours. But how was [8]*Alan*?

Alan: *calmly sipping tea*

1/2 Lil: Boy you sure are calm~

Alan: Well I have Malinda... and if that wasn't enough I could hire you.

1/2 Lil: *smirks* For a fee

Alan: You are such a mecrcinary.

1/2 Lil: Oi, be careful, I may be a carfree mercinary but I am in charge of a continent~!


10. Ok enough with the randomness. Time for the main event. [13]*FMA Lil* invited everyone in the group to an awesome Halloween party in the woods. Everyone except for [2]*Tsukiko*. How come?

FMA Lil: *shrugs* She said she would be gone all october... sometthing about a well and a shikah jewel or something. Plus she can just grow wings, so not fair for the costume contest!!!


11. Uh oh. Looks like [6]*LoZ Lil* got lost in the woods when trying to get to the party. Feels like being watched, [6]*Loz Lil* slowly turns back and see a tall, thin, no-face man in a black suit with tentacles behind his back... Slendy?

LoZ Lil: Well I'm used to adventure buuuuut I don't think I'm in hyrule anymore hmmmm... *turns around* Exscuse me Sir do you know where I am? No? Okay.... *pulls violin out of her bag, plays a song and calls her horse*

12. Back to [2]*Inu Lil*, he/she decided to come to the party anyway. [2]*Tsukiko* got on a random public vehicle and... DING DING! It turned out to be a television game show where you can answer questions to win money! Hosted by a clown! Do they agree to play it? Heck, do they even know what is a television game show?

Inu Lil: Ooooooooh I remember these things! Oh Kagome is going to be so jealous haha... Glad I snuck out~

Inuyasha: *glaring down the well* DAMN IT WHO LET LILITH ESCAPE AGAIN!?!

Kagoe: *sigh* she probably ditched us because she was bored again.


13. Oh I forgot to mention that they will lose their soul, or life, or both if they lose the game.

Inu Lil: Pfffft... yeah right... You have nothing on me mortal... clown thing... try your best~ *smirks evily*


14. In the meantime [10]*Drrr Lil* and [12]*Walmart Employee* are having a fun time poking graves in an abandoned grave yard on their way to the party. But some ghosts aren't very happy about this...

Drrr Lil: Oooooooh poke this one too~!!!!

Walmart employee: *sobs* Why do I have to do this*

Drrr Lil: *smirks creeply* Do it or so help me I will ruin your life so bad you would WISH you were lying here with the rest of the dead~

Walmart employee: (0-0)  *pokes another grave*

Drrr Lil: *has a closed eyed smile again* Hahaha~ Yaaaay~

Walmart Employee: Why meeeeeee (TT^TT)

15. Well looks like [10]*Drrr Lil* have been haunted by an honest spirit and have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth what he/she has in mind. Oh dear, I hope [10]*Drrr Lil* will be alright. By the way what is his/her thought about [12]*Walmart Employee*?

Drrr Lil: Hahaha your kinda stupid you know that? Oh and guilable!!! Plus you do whatever I want, grow a backbone! Of course if you do that I'll just have to ruin your life *shrugs* No big deal~

Walmart Employee: Wow... Thanks... (TT^TT)

16. [10]*Drrr Lil* and [12]*Walmart Employee* meet up with [3]*SC Lil* (still in [9]*Anonymous*'s body) along the way. Hearing the case of [10]*Drrr Lil*, does [3]*SC Lil* try to do anything to help?

SC Lil: Hmmm... well that's rather problamatic...

Drrr Lil: *Shrugs* Nah... I'm rather blunt and smart enough that I can somehow twist something into the truth. Plus it doesn't seem early as bad as your situation...

SC Lil: Yes... this is dreadful but temperary... I should return to myself soo, or so I hope.


17. Big news! [13]*FMA Lil* is actually a vampire! If they are already a vampire, they are now a sparkling pink fairy. What is [4]*1/2 Lil* reaction when he/she finds out?

1/2 Lil: Oh, so your a vampire...

FMA Lil: Apparently~ *shrugs* Kinda weird.

1/2 Lil: You know in Second Life we usually have to kill vampires...

FMA Lil: Hmmmm well I'm an alchimest so it's all cool~

1/2 Lil: Well it helps explain why you don't act your age, since you are younge in vampire years~!!!

FMA Lil: True, true~ What's your exscuse~?

1/2 Lil: I'm a contant ruller, I can act however I want~! hehe~


18. If [1]*Gina* had the ability, what would [1]*Gina*make [7]*Neuro* wear for the party?

Gina: Uhhhhhhhhh... hmmmmmmm........ urmmmmmmm...... Caasual clothes?

Neuro: Hm? Why do I keep running into you all the time...?

Gina: No clue~!!! ^^


19. Well lets make them happy for a day shall we? [7]*Neuro* is now wearing the chosen outfits by [1]*Gina*. What is [5]*KHR Lil* reaction when he/she see [7]*Neuro*?

KHR Lil: Hmmm... *stairing at Neuro from the distance*

Neuro: *feels someone stairing at him and turns around and locks eye contact with KHR Lil* *walks over to her and gives her a closed eyed smile* Can I help you with something Miss~?

KHR Lil: *puts on a closed eyed smile* Ah not at all, I just thought you don't look like someone who would wear such casual clothes especially not to a party... seems more like the job of the person you are traveling with~ *points to Yako*

Neuro: Hm perceptive... I suppose so but I could say the same about you~

KHR Lil: Hm~ No clue what your talking about~

Neuro: Well closed eyed smiles aso don't seem to fit you too well you seem to be hiding something... secrets... I sense lots of puzzles coming off of you.

KHR Lil: Well well, aren't we perceptive Mister 'closed eyed smiles don't fit me well either'?

Neuro: Hm~ No clue what your talking about~

KHR Lil: Guess not~

Both: *holding a conversation*

20. Dashing isn't it. Oh wow everyone have arrived at the party! (If anyone was killed in the previous questions, they are now zombie) Describe the party a bit and/or make [6]*LoZ Lil* performs something!

Me: Okay, LoZ Lil get up there!!!

LoZ Lil: Huh? Whhhhhy!?

Me: DO IT!!!

LoZ Lil: Fine... *goes up and plays violin*

Walmart employee: That song doesn't even exsist...

LoZ Lil: *pauses* It does in my world...

Walmart Employee: It's not as good as Bach.

LoZ Lil: You test your luck...

Walmart Employee: Just growing a backbone is all!

LoZ Lil: *sighes* Whatever... *plays a new song and Walmart employee is sorounded by shadows and trapped in a shadow cube* Anyone ELSE have something to say about the act I was forced to do?

Everyone else: ...

LoZ Lil: That's what I thought~


21. You know what, [3]*SC Lil* and [9]*Anonymous*? [13]*FMA Lil* is the culprit who responsible for your body switching...

Anonymous: Whhhhhy Lilith WHY!?!!??!

SC Lil: Oh really... well as the desciplinary committee leader all intolerable acts must be dealt with by me...

FMA Lil: Calm down okay, it was just an accident when messing with Alcheimy! I can fix it~!!!

SC Lil: Then I suggest you do so!

FMA Lil: Already did, that's why it only lasts a few hours... it should end... NOW!

Both: *Change back to normal*

Anonymous: Thank goodness! How would I capture criminals and get my jewels if I was stuck like that?!!

SC Lil: Finally... *sighes*

22. The party is over! Tag someone or lets drunk [11]*Malinda* says something to end the meme!

Alan: Good luck... I gave Malinda over 30 drinks and spiked her tea and she's still acting normal.

Malinda: Indeed Sire, that was rather rude if I may say so as well. We will have to work on your mannors and behavior.

Alan: Boring... -3-

Malinda: But necisary. On another note thank you all for reading this to the end, the party was indeed splended. Strange... but splended none the less...

Me: Mhmmm tis the end!!!!

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino
Image by K.I.SakuraCherry
Zero Tattoo Icon by AngelicHellraiser
CSS by Qiirin



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